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Focal therapy: A treatment option for localised prostate cancer?

Aisling Glynn ()
Elizabeth Forde ()
Laure Marignol ()


Therapeutic options for localised prostate cancer (PCa) include active surveillance or radical whole-gland therapy. Men with localised PCa and the physicians who advise them are posed with a difficult therapeutic dilemma: which one? The former requires intensive surveillance causing possible psychological distress. The latter maximises chance of cure but with near certainty of genitourinary toxicity. Focal therapy (FT) is a technique by which only the known disease is targeted while preserving normal tissue. Early reports of FT outcomes are encouraging; however apprehension still exists over its standardised use in localised PCa. This review discusses the evidence regarding the oncologic and functional outcomes of focal therapies for localised prostate cancer.


prostate cancer, focal therapy,

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