The testis: an accessible Mesenchymal Stem Cells source

Myret Ghabriel, Asma Amleh


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are adult stem cells mainly found in the bone marrow but are also present in several other tissues, such as cord blood, peripheral blood, lungs and adipose tissue. Recently, several groups have also identified and isolated MSCs from primary cultures of human testes. MSCs are considered multipotent cells that can differentiate to form adipocytes, bone, cartilage, skin, and muscle. This potential to differentiate into multiple cell types has elicited much attention, since they appear to hold great promise in regard to regenerative cell-based therapy for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer. They are considered powerful allogenic nonhematopoietic transplantation stem cells due to their low immunogenicity. This review aimed to highlight the latest advances in the study of the biological properties and characteristics of MSCs, with a focus on testicular mesenchymal stromal stem cells, their differentiation capacity and immunosuppressive properties, which could make them powerful therapeutic agents, especially for cancer patients.


Testicular mesenchymal stromal stem cells, MSC sources, MSC isolation, Multilineage potential, Cancer therapeutic application

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