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Progress of adjuvant therapy after radical resection of early cervical cancer

Wei Zhang (Anhui Taihe County People's Hospital Anhui Taihe 236600,China)
Mengxian Ren (Anhui Taihe County People's Hospital Anhui Taihe 236600,China)
Houzho Jiang (Anhui Taihe County People's Hospital Anhui Taihe 236600,China)
Youfei Zhao (Anhui Taihe County People's Hospital Anhui Taihe 236600,China)
Fei Zhou (Anhui Taihe County People's Hospital Anhui Taihe 236600,China)


Radical surgery is the first choice for the treatment of early cervical cancer. Patients need radiotherapy and chemotherapy according to the risk factors.concurrent chemoradiotherapy with cisplatin is recommended according to NCCN recommended guidelines for the treatment of cervical cancer, with any post-operative high risk factors (lymph node metastasis, positive vaginal margin, and para-uterine infiltration). for cervical cancer patients without high risk factors but with moderate risk factors that meet Sedlis criteria, it is recommended to supplement post-operative pelvic external irradiation ± with concurrent chemotherapy with cisplatin.However, these adjuvant treatments can cause radioactive cystitis and proctitis, even vesicovaginal fistula, rectovaginal fistula, long or irreversible adverse reactions, affecting ovarian function in young patients who retain the ovary, which can lead to a decline in the quality of life of patients. These problems make it a hot topic whether chemotherapy can be used in postoperative adjuvant therapy of cervical cancer patients. This article reviews the research progress of adjuvant therapy for early cervical cancer.


cervical cancer; adjuvant therapy; progression

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