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Preparation of NIR-II-excited Drug-loaded Liposomes and Their Antitumor Activity and in Vitro Imaging Studies

Nityi Nanda (General Medicine, Global College of Medical Sciences & Research and Hospital Gurawar, India)
Lan Yang (China International Pharmaceutical Research Institute Beijing, China)


In recent years, with the rapid development of nano-technology, the combination of diagnosis and treatment by nano-technology has brought new hope for mankind to overcome cancer. The Near-infrared two-region (NIR-II) imaging technology has developed rapidly in recent years because of its non-invasive nature, strong tissue penetration and overall imaging of small animals. In this study, a novel nano-drug delivery system (DOX-IR1061 cationic liposomes) was prepared, loaded with doxorubicin (DOX) as a chemotherapeutic drug and NIR-II-excited fluorescent probe IR1061 as an imaging agent, and the uptake ability of tumor cells was enhanced by octadecylamine. DOX-IR1061 cationic liposomes have good NIR-II imaging ability, clear imaging and obvious signal. Cell uptake indicated that palamine could enhance the uptake efficiency of cationic liposomes by tumor cells, while in vitro anti-tumor experiments revealed that the enhancement of uptake efficiency would enhance the anti-tumor effect of DOX. Therefore, DOX-IR1061 cationic liposomes we prepared have the potential to realize both tumor imaging and therapy, and to realize the integration of rapid diagnosis and treatment, and provide new ideas for cancer cure and the development of the field of diagnosis and treatment integration.


NIR-II imaging; Diagnosis and treatment integration; Antitumor therapy

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