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Phycocyanin / Polysaccharide of Spirulina Platensis for Antitumor Immune Activity

Langanani Mbodi (Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan)
Ibtisam Abdullah (School of Biotechnology, KIIT, Odisha)


Phycocyanin (PC) and polysaccharides from spirulina plantensis (PSP) are immune active substances with great anti-tumor potential. The antitumor immune activities of PC and PSP were studied in this paper. The antitumor immune activities of alginate and polysaccharide were detected by ELISA, MTT assay and quantitative hemolysis spectrophotometry at the levels of immune organs, immune cells and immune molecules. The results showed that the tumor diameter and tumor mass of mice treated with PC or PSP were smaller than those in the control group, the activity of T cells and B cells was also significantly enhanced, and the number of humoral antibodies was significantly increased. The effect of PS on tumor cell growth and immunity was more obvious than that of PSP.


Phycocyanin; Polysaccharides; Immunoactivity; Anti-tumor

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