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Gold Nanorods-mediated Photothermal Therapy Guided by Vascular Interventional Radiation to Inhibit Cancer Metastasis

Nomusa Mashigo (Department of Anatomical Pathology, School of Pathology, University of the Witwatersrand / National Health Laboratory Service, Johannesburg, South Africa)
Reubina Wadee (Department of Pathology, Division of Haematology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the inhibitory effect of gold nanorods-mediated photothermal therapy on liver metastasis of colorectal cancer under the guidance of vascular interventional radiology. A total of 80 patients admitted to our hospital from February 2018 to February 2020 were selected and randomly divided into study group and control group with 40 cases each, among which the control group received 125I seed implantation combined with chemotherapy. On this basis, the study group were added the gold nanorods (AuNRs) to the photothermal therapy additionally. The clinical efficacy, postoperative complications and postoperative survival rates of the two groups were compared. The results showed that the total clinical effective rate was 82.5% in the study group, which was significantly better than 67.5% in the control group, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). In addition, the incidence of leukocytosis, nausea, vomiting and delayed diarrhea in the study group was significantly lower than that in the control group, with statistically significant differences (P<0.05). There were no statistically significant differences in the proportion of elevated body temperature, liver dysfunction, or moderate liver pain between the two groups (P>0.05).Therefore, under the guidance of vascular interventional radiology, Au NRs are safe and effective materials for the treatment of liver metastasis of colorectal cancer, which can reduce complications and improve postoperative survival rates.


Selective radiotherapy; Photothermal treatment; Gold nanorods

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