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Clinical Observation of Arteriovenous Combined Chemotherapy in Advanced Gastric Cancer

Renjie E (The People's Hospital of Tangshan,Tangshan City,Hebei Province,China)


Objective. To analyze the therapeutic effect and influencing factors of arteriovenous combined chemotherapy in 39 patients with advanced gastric cancer, and to explore the choice of therapeutic strategy. Methods. In this group of patients, the sequence of combined use of arteriovenous chemotherapy was 2 cycles of arterial chemotherapy first, followed by 3 ~4 cycles of systemic intravenous chemotherapy, and then changed to traditional Chinese medicine, oral chemotherapeutic drugs or immunotherapy after stable disease. Results. Thirty-five patients achieved complete disappearance of symptoms, significant tumor reduction of 26%(PR: 13/39), moderate tumor reduction of 51%, 18 patients with tumor markers decreased by more than 50%, 4 patients completely reduced to normal, half-year survival rate of 90%, 1-year survival rate of 56%, 3-year survival rate of 33%, 5-year survival rate of 10%. Conclusion. The use of arteriovenous combined chemotherapy and embolization in patients with middle and advanced gastric cancer is not only feasible, but also less complications. It can enable some patients to achieve stage II surgical resection, reduce or delay the metastasis and recurrence of patients, improve the quality of life of patients and prolong the survival time.


Gastric tumor antitumor combined chemotherapy chemotherapy chemotherapy chemoembolization, therapeutic infusion, intra-arterial

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