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Analysis of Clinical Progress of Trudezumab in the Treatment of HER2+ Breast Cancer

Baoyan Liang (Liaoning Cancer Hospital and Institute, Shenyang, China)
Shasha Wang (Fleming Research Center of Life Sciences, Singapore)


Breast cancer is a malignant tumor disease that endangers women's health, the morbidity is increasing year by year. HER2+ breast cancer has been the focus of clinical research because of its high invasiveness and poor prognosis. Trastuzumab in clinical application of HER2+ mammary cancer has greatly improved the prognosis. However, drug resistance and adverse reactions after treatment have effects on the large area promotion of trastuzumab, therefore, the addition of new anti-HER2 drugs to the existing standard therapy has become a hot topic in clinical research at the present stage. This article reviews the clinical progress of the trastuzumab therapy on HER2+ breast cancer from the aspects of combined chemotherapy, combined endocrine therapy and combined with other targeted therapy drugs.


Trastuzumab; HER2+ breast cancer; Targeted therapy

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