Surveying of Tall Buildings over Theory Height within Obstacle Free Airspace

Zeying Lan (Guangdong University of Technology)
Xiangyun Zhou ()

Article ID: 241


According to the National Airport standards, this article has looked over the height of 180000 buildings in the airfield control height region of Cencun Airport (about 123.6 sq. km) for the frst time. In the paper, based on the planning & approving data and ADS40 aerial survey data, GIS spatial analysis, ADS40 stereo-altimetry technology, field digital measurement and 2D/3D visualization are used synthetically to achieve the results above. Furthermore, the quantity and spatial distribution of over theoretical height buildings are clarifed, which is signifcant to review the airfeld height management and to guide the regulatory plan of Tianhe Intellectualized Business District.


Census for airfeld height control; DEM isohypse model; GIS spatial analysis;ADS40 Stereo-altimetry

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