Experimental Study on Dispersion of Unconfined Aquifer in a Site of Jilin City

Weihong Dong (College of Construction Engineering, Jilin University)
Ruiqing Wang (College of Construction Engineering, Jilin University)

Article ID: 2572


Dispersion parameter is an important parameter for the establishment of groundwater solute transport model.The dispersion test uses sodium chloride as a tracer,which was conducted in a site in Jilin City.The standard curve comparison method was used to solve the dispersion parameters of the aquifer under the natural flow field.The test results show that under the natural flow field,the longitudinal dispersion of unconfined aquifer in Jilin City is 0.400m,and the lateral dispersion is 1.933×10-5~6.557×10-3m;while the vertical dispersion coefficient is 0.246m2d,the lateral dispersion coefficient is 1.191×10-5~4.039×10-3m2d.The above results can provide an important parameter basis for the establishment of groundwater solute transport model,the accurate prediction of temporal and spatial variation of pollutant concentration in groundwater and the formulation of groundwater pollution prevention and control scheme.


Dispersion test ;Dispersion parameter s ;Standard curve comparison method ;U nconfined aquife r

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/frae.v3i3.2572


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