Research on Seismic Design of High-Rise Buildings Based on Framed-Shear Structural System

Wei Wang (Rizhao Polytechnic)

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Under the rapidly advancing economic trends, people’s requirements for the functionality and architectural artistry of high-rise structures are constantly increasing, and in order to meet such modern requirements, it is necessary to diversify the functions of high-rise buildings and complicate the building form. At present, the main structural systems of high-rise buildings are: frame structure, shear wall structure, frame shear structure, and tube structure. Different structural systems determine the size of the load-bearing capacity, lateral stiffness, and seismic performance, as well as the amount of material used and the cost. This project is mainly concerned with the seismic design of frame shear structural systems, which are widely used today.


Frame shear wall structure; Displacement-based seismic design; Shear deformation

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