Research on Ecological Corridor Planning of Lanzhou Yuzhong Ecological Innovation City from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

Jiaojiao Wang (College of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Northwest Normal University, and Key Laboratory of Resource Environment and Sustainable Development of Oasis)
Fenli Chen (College of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Northwest Normal University, and Key Laboratory of Resource Environment and Sustainable Development of Oasis)
Weihong Wang (Gansu Ecological Environment Science Design and Research Institute)
Libao Dou (College of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Northwest Normal University, and Key Laboratory of Resource Environment and Sustainable Development of Oasis Gansu Ecological Environment Science Design and Research Institute)

Article ID: 3456


The practice and research of ecological civilization is a focus of current planning and design, as well as a scientific strategy under the current situation of resource constraint, environmental degradation and ecosystem degradation. Urban elements such as buildings, green land, farmland,water systems and mountains can be connected by ecological corridors into a green ecological system design.At present, many ecological and environmental problems, such as urban heat island effect, fog and haze, automobile exhaust have a negative effect on the construction of social ecological environment. In order to build a new modern city with prosperous economy, beautiful environment and social civilization, scientific and efficient ecological corridors should be designed to improve the environmental quality of the eco-city, and promote the construction and development of ecological civilization and green cities. Based on the relevant research and specific practices of ecological corridors at home and abroad,combine the needs of the planning and construction of the Yuzhong Ecological Innovation City, and discuss on the connotation and characteristics of ecological corridors, and discuss the key elements of ecological corridor planning.This article will take the ecological corridor planning of Yuzhong Eco Innovation City as an example. We design ecological corridor based on field investigation, literature and geographic information system..
The planning and design of the ecological corridor in the planning area proposed in this paper can provide positive suggestion on the planning and design of the ecological corridor in other ecological innovation cities.


Ecological civilization; Ecological corridor; Ecological planning; Yuzhong Ecological Innovation City

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