Seismic Response Analysis of Silo-Stock-Foundation Interaction System

Shuwei Li (School of Resources & Civil Engineering, Northeastern University;China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.)
Wen Zhao (School of Resources & Civil Engineering, Northeastern University)
Zhiyu Guo (China Energy Construction Group Heilongjiang Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.)

Article ID: 46


To analyze the response law of silo-stock-foundation interaction system under seismic load, a dynamic equation of this interaction system was established. Furthermore, the dynamic characteristics of the silo-stock- oundation interaction system under different storage conditions were studied through numerical analysis. The displacement at the silo top was much greater than that at the silo bottom, while the vibration trend of the upper and lower silos on the same bus bar was similar. The acceleration response, displacement and stress response of the structure increased with the increase of the input seismic wave. Furthermore, the direction time responses of several typical silo parts were consistent. With increase in storage material, the acceleration peak of the silo and bulk material increased and then decreased. This indicates that the relative motion of the storage material and silo had a damping effect on the silo system. The maximum circumferential strain and equivalent stress of silos with different storage capacities were recorded at the variable section of silos (the top of funnel). The effective stress beneath foundations near silos was obviously higher than that far away from silos. These results can provide a reliable theoretical basis and reference values for mitigating silo structural failures under seismic load.


silo-stock-foundation system; seismic response; dynamic characteristics; silo-stock-foundation interaction; seismic load; numerical analysis

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