The Research on Treating Collapsible Loess by Down Whole Deep Compaction and Cement Fly-ash Gravel

Tao Xue (The Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd. of CCCC Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd)
Shang Gao (The Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd. of CCCC Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd)

Article ID: 485


The treatment of loess foundation is always diffcult. The analysis of its advantages and mechanism of treating loess foundation by CFG, on the base of project geology, through construction example, we suggest the compound plan by both DDC and CFG. The tests illustrates that the down hole deep compaction and cement-fly ash-gravel are effective foundation treatment method to eliminate the collapsibility of loess, increase the bearing capacity and improve the behavior of composite foundations.


Down hole deep compaction;Cement fly ash-gravel;;Collapsible loess;Bearing capacity

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