Research on Cross-Regional Urban Development Under the Integration Strategy

Chunyan Liang (Jinan City Planning and Design Institute, Jinan)
Chao Cui (Shandong Provincial Capital Town Planning and Design Research Institute, Jinan)

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Cross-regional city construction is not only the inevitable trend of urbanization development in China, It is also an important way to improve the comprehensive competitive power of urban economy. Starting from the current situation of Cross-regional city development, this paper puts forward the strategy of cross regional urban integration development, and probes into the implementation measures of integrative development, mainly in the integration of development planning, infrastructure, regional market, ecological construction and public service, and analyzes the significance of the development of trans-regional urban integration. In order to promote the coordinated development mechanism of cross-regional cities and strengthen the international competitiveness of China's urban agglomeration.



Integration; Trans-regional; Coordination

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