Discussion on Electrical Design of Passive Residential Building

Bin Shu (Baoding Building Design Institute Co.)
Erbao Li (Baoding Building Design Institute Co.)
Xianji Meng (Baoding Building Design Institute Co.)

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As the national buildings in each climate zone and passive low energy consumption building demonstration projects expand, there has been a wave of innovation across the construction industry. China is also becoming a hot zone for energy-efficient and high-performance passive buildings. Along with the traditional passive building structure, steel structure passive construction, assembled PC structure passive construction such as the emergence of various types of passive construction, as well as a variety of new building materials, doors and Windows, and air conditioning air equipment, put forward a new challenge for building electrical engineering design personnel and requirements.


Passive; Low energy consumption; Residential building; Electrical design

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/frae.v1i1.6


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