The Application and Prospect of Virtual Reality Technology in the Future Architecture Design

Bowen Hou (The University of Western Australia)

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Abstract: the rapid development of computer technology has accelerated the progress of construction technology, and the application of virtual reality technology has become more and more common, which has caused earth-shaking changes in the thinking and mode of traditional architectural design. It plays an important role in optimizing the construction design scheme and improving the science and rationality of the architectural design. In order to realize the effective application of virtual technology in the future architectural design, it is necessary to intensify the research on its application and give full play to its application value and advantages.This paper discusses and analyzes the application and realization of virtual reality technology in the future architectural design, and predicts its future application prospects.


Virtual reality technology; Future architecture; Architectural design; Application; Prospect

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[1] Niu Cong. Shallow on the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Architectural Design[J].Science and Technology Bulletin: Electronic, 2014,(1) :153 -153.



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