In View of Today’s Realities: What should any Work with the Plant World Actually Gain us?

Sener Akinci (Marmara University,Turkey)


Studies on plants are important evidence not only for their diversity and richness in the world, but also for revealing the relationship between the environment and the organisms. How important are the concepts of climate crisis and global warming? What is the number of people in the world, other than scientists, who are aware of the seriousness of the problem? Do we have any information about the number of people who have knowledge about what can be done? Do we want to experience the carbon richness of millions of years ago (Carboniferous) again? Let's not forget that this reality, which seems to be an advantageous situation at first glance, has actually been moved to a platform where today's leaders discuss the effects of climate balance. We need more and more plants all over the planet. With the increase in the human population, it is time to change our prejudices about “uncertain or suspicious” plants to be used. Could some toxic metabolites be usable or even edible by appropriate treatments? Can countries that are lucky in terms of endemic species make better use of these reserves? Plant biochemistry studies should be encouraged in this respect.In addition, there is evidence that the consumption of a large number of products that we use as food causes health problems that we do not know yet, but which can increase greatly with daily use and even be fatal when contaminated by pathogenic organisms.

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