The Study on Simulation of Resistance in Stall Motor

Run Xu (Former Jhonsonelectric(HK) Co. Ltd, Sale and Technology Div. Shenzhen 518125, China)
Zhiqiang Chen (Jhonsonelectric(HK) Co. Ltd, Sale and Technology Div. Shenzhen 518125, China)

Article ID: 2045


The stall phenomenon which happens in loaded motor is unqualification in application. Meanwhile it may measure the maximum property of motor in manufacture. So the phenomenon is analyzed to find a simulation of electrical state to predict the maximum currency and torque which is a necessary method to be proceeded up to now before design.We find that the simulation fits well to the reference. The conditions of t=6s,U=12V result in the biggest stall force according to rotation to change time and voltage. Then it is t=8s,U=10V; t=10s,U=8V and t=12s,U=6V in turns. As for torque it is t=6s,U=12V;t=8s,U=10V;t=6s,U=12V and t=12s,U=6V in truns.


Simulation ;Stalling ;Rotation ;Resistance; Motor

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