Reproductive Biology of Splendid Ponyfish Leiognathus Splendens (Cuvier, 1829) in Myeik Coastal Waters, Myanmar

Khin May Chit Maung (.Myeik University, 1 Saparshwewar St., Kalwin Ward, Myeik City, Tanintharyi Region,Myanmar)
Phan Minh-Thu (Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), 01 Cau Da St., Nha Trang, Vietnam;Graduate University of Science and Technology, VAST, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet St., Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam)
Nyo Nyo Tun (Myeik University, 1 Saparshwewar St., Kalwin Ward, Myeik City, Tanintharyi Region,Myanmar)

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Reproductive biology of Leiognathus splendens was studied by using the samples collected from the catches of trawl fisheries in Myeik coastal waters during January to December 2014. Spawning takes place throughout the year, with a peak during April-May and September-December. The observed length at first maturity was 9.0 cm total length in males and 8.4 cm in females. The mean gonadosomatic index was more prominently in females (2.5) than males (1.5). Sex ratio (1 male: 1.1 females) also indicates the general dominant of females over males  Fecundity varied from 6120 to 58412 eggs. Relationship of fecundity to fish length, fish weight and ovary weight showed that fecundity is more related to the gonad weight (r=0.9) than length (r=0.8) and weight of fish (r=0.7)


Fecundity, Gonadosomatic index, Length at first maturity,Spawning, Leiognathus splendens

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