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Jonathan Akin French

Article ID: 850
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Abstract: Sandy inlets are in a dynamic equilibrium between wave-driven littoral drift acting to close them, and tidal flows keeping them open. Their beds are in a continual state of suspension and deposition, so their bathymetry and even location are always in flux. Even so, a nearly linear relationship between an inlet’s cross-sectional flow area and the inshore ...
Khin May Chit Maung, Phan Minh-Thu, Nyo Nyo Tun

Article ID: 923
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Abstract: Reproductive biology of Leiognathus splendens was studied by using the samples collected from the catches of trawl fisheries in Myeik coastal waters during January to December 2014. Spawning takes place throughout the year, with a peak during April-May and September-December. The observed length at first maturity was 9.0 cm total length in males ...
Waluyo Waluyo, Yonvitner ,, Etty Riani, Taslim Arifin

Article ID: 990
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Abstract: Waters carrying capacity in seaweed of Eucheuma cottonii cultures should be a concernforoptimum seaweed culture. Carryingcapacity can determine by Ecological Footprint (EF) analysis, which in this research usefootprint production, and mas balance nitrate analysis. This research on Mei 2015 (1 st transitionalseason) and September 2015 (2 nd</s...
Neelamani Subramaniam, Yousef Al-Osairi

Article ID: 1000
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Abstract: The temporal and spatial variations of seawater temperature, salinity, and tidal fluctuations are important parameters for understanding the hydrodynamic, water quality, and marine biological activity in the seawater. It is also important to study and understand the probability and statistical aspects of these parameters for the planning and implementatio...


Hongdan Liu, Xinfei Jin, Weifei Wu, Chen Shen

Article ID: 1206
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Abstract: Whether in the past, present and future, marine ecological environment is the most important part in the history of human development, we can call it the "patron saint" of mankind. It provides all kinds of resources and energy needed for social production, and plays an irreplaceable role in species diversity and ecological balance. However...