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Hong Xie, Baoji Zhang

Article ID: 2506
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Abstract: Based on the incompressible RANS equation, the KVLCC1 ship’s resistance field’s numerical simulation is carried out. In this paper, the bare hull (calm water resistance and wave resistance) and hull-propellerrudder models are studied and compared with the values of the Hydrostatic resistance test. In the hull-propeller-rudder system’s performance analysis...
Alina Girleanu, Eugen Rusu

Article ID: 2552
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Abstract: Having as target the semi-enclosed basin of the Black Sea, the primary purpose of the existing paper is to present an overview of its extensive physical features and circulation patterns. To achieve this goal, more than five decades of data analysis - from 1960 to 2015 - were taken into consideration and the results were validated against acknowledged dat...
Yuxiang Zheng, Dandan Liu

Article ID: 2599
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Abstract: Based on the perspective of marine tourism, this paper integrates various types of marine pollution, and puts forward high-quality development solutions and future extension direction of marine tourism. Through the research, it is found that the main culprits of marine pollution mainly include the following seven points: human activities produce garbage; ...
Bei Huang, Na Wei, Yuheng Hu, Hongyue Mao

Article ID: 2622
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Abstract: Red tides are a major public hazard in the global oceans. The coast of the East China Sea is the sea area where red tide disasters are the most frequent and serious in China. In order to accurately grasp the occurrence of red tides in the coastal waters of the East China Sea, and to understand the microbial communities in the waters during the occurrence ...
Humaira Saleh Syed, Rishimol R, Arun Kumar J, M Masilamani Selvam, Rajesh R P

Article ID: 2416
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Abstract: Conus loroisii is a marine vermivorous snail found profusely in the southern seas of India. They harbor several toxic peptide components commonly called as ‘conotoxins’. In this study, we have identified and sequenced five conotoxins using proteome based tandem mass spectrometry analysis through Data analysis 4.1 software. Among them, we found Lo959 as co...