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Ruben Cabrera, Jhoana Díaz-Larrea, Arsenio J. Areces, Laura Nuñez García, J. Ricardo Cruz-Aviña, Gabriela Vázquez Silva

Article ID: 3542
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Abstract: Recent advances in molecular biology make it possible to sequence not only genes or genomes, but also to understand codon dynamics. For the organelle genes of these organisms, a small set of preferred codons are used for encoding proteins. For the first time, this paper treats the divergence of synonymous codon usage and its bias in the rb cL gene...
Jeff Callaghan

Article ID: 3772
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Abstract: Severe weather systems can generate large waves and storm surges which can cause many fatalities in coastal areas. In extreme circumstances a single cyclone caused up to 500,000 fatalities in the Bay of Bengal in 1970. Adaption by authorities in that region from evacuations and construction of storm shelters have significantly reduced the number of such f...
Okpuvwie Ejuvweyere Jonathan

Article ID: 3810
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Abstract: Humans rely on the sea for food and mineral resources; hence it is vital to their economic survival. Nations all throughout the world rely on the water for trade and commerce. This article looks at the present condition of marine security in the Gulf of Guinea. The Gulf of Guinea has a total shoreline of about 5,000 nautical miles and several natural harb...
S. Cobarrubia-Russo, I. Sawyer, M. Gómez-Alceste, A. Molero-Lizarraga

Article ID: 3811
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Abstract: This study represents the first comprehensive analysis of the residency patterns of a coastal population of bottlenose dolphin off the coast of Aragua, Venezuela, over a multi-year period. Using photo-identification, the most recent study (2019-2020) identified 56 individuals with the time between encounters from one to 344 days between th...

Short Communication

Niki Shah, Yashesh Shah

Article ID: 3851
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Abstract: Present short communication reports about beach stranding of Porpita porpita (Linnaeus 1758) from the Coast of Mandvi, Kutch during August 2021. Also, this is the first record of the blue button jellyfishes for the northern Gulf of Kutch region. A study was carried out by primary observation and measurements of common environmental parameters such as Sea ...