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Pham Xuan Duong, Phan Minh-Thu, Bui Hong Long

Article ID: 332
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Abstract: Based on the data collected at the Cau Da station, the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) is applied for hydrodynamics (e.g. circulation and temperature-salinity) in Binh Cang - Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam. The results present the several cases of hydrodynamic regimes in the Bay during two mainly monsoon seasons (northeast and southwest monsoons). The clear...
Maryam ShieaAli

Article ID: 550
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Abstract: The current and wind records and the physical parameter structures such as temperature and salinity in the southwestern part of the Caspian Sea adjacent to Anzali Port were investigated from November 2004 up to the end of January 2005. Results show that, despite the existence of relatively weak winds along the coast in the area, the measurements indicate ...
Achmad Fachruddin Syah, Nurul Setyowati, Eko Susilo

Article ID: 662
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Abstract: Bali sardinella ( Sardinella lemuru ) is the main fishing catches in Bali Strait . The distribution of S. lemuru  and its preferred oceanographic condition were investigated from remotely sensed data. The objectives of this study were to elucidate the distribution of S. lemuru  and the preferred oceanograph...
Ramesh Chatragadda, Koushik Sadhukhan, Shunmugaraj T, Murthy M.V.R.

Article ID: 835
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Abstract: Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve (GOMMBRE) is the first marine biosphere reserve in India and Southeast Asia. It has a rich marine biodiversity including coral reefs, but now facing threats from different environmental factors and anthropogenic interferences. Particularly, coral reefs distributed in the 21 islands under the Gulf of Mannar (GoM) reg...


Catalin Anton, Carmen Gasparotti, Iulia Alina Anton, Eugen Rusu

Article ID: 490
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Abstract: Integrated Coastal Zone Management is a complex concept that involves various economic, social and environmental factors. There are often conflicting approaches to these factors. Furthermore, when it is decided to implement structural works in the coastal area, it must be taken into account the particularity of the area, the way in which it is developed a...