Predictive Model to Evaluate Accommodation of Conflict Management Strategies and Board Performance of Oil and Gas Companies in Port Harcourt

Eluozo S.N. (Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Gregory University, Uturu Abia State, Nigeria)
Ukpong Uwem Johnson (Department of Management Sciences, Akwa Ibom State University, Nigeria)
Eluozo S. (Department of marketing, Ignatus Ajuru University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

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This paper evaluates accommodation of conflict management strategies and board performances in oil and gas sector. The study details the reflection of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity as the answer to thorough efficiency in accommodation of conflict management in oil and gas sector, these parameters in the system express their efficacy on conflict management in these multinationals, this implies that for thorough efficiency, these variables must work simultaneously for effective and efficient in structural organization that can be a leading multinational sector in oil and gas environment. The study observed Linearized result from graphical representation explaining predominant lower efficiency and little higher efficiency in accommodation of conflict management in oil and gas companies. These experiences from the study monitor the system from generated simulation values that describe the growth rates in exponential phase of accommodation conflict strategic management. Despite exponential phase the results experienced lower parameters, when comparing on its variations showing its poor efficiency as observed in the study. Few periods observed higher effective accommodation on conflict strategic management. The developed model stimulation values were subjected to validation and both parameters generated favourable fits correlation, the study expressed the deficiency on accommodation of conflict management strategy thus developed models that can monitor the fluctuation and progressive state of accommodation on conflict management strategy, it defines the reflection of other parameters that express the behaviour of the system in terms of conceptual approach to monitor these type of strategic management in oil and gas companies.


Predictive model conflict management; Board performance oil and gas

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