Redesign Facility Layout with a Kaizen Approach in Testing Laboratory at Balai Pengujian & Sertifikat Mutu Barang Makassar

Ahmad Padhil (Universitas Muslim Indonesia)

Article ID: 4749



In trading activities, especially exports in the food commodities sector, several documents must be made and completed by exporters, such as Certificate of Quality, Test-Certificate, and Chemical Analysis. Balai Pengujian & Sertifikasi Mutu Barang Makassar is a government agency operating in South Celebes that tests the quality of various agricultural and plantation commodities. From year to year, demand for testing services has increased along with the number of exports. So, testing activities have changed in terms of facility layout requirements resulting in overwhelmed in carrying out the testing process. Test rooms are not connected based on the current testing flow causing the tester’s ineffective work patterns. This study aims to redesign the layout of the facilities in the testing laboratory with the Kaizen approach to support the smooth testing process. The results of this study indicate that the proposed floor area uses a 150% allowance so the calculation requires a floor area of 42.52 m2 . After that, an analysis of the proximity of the facilities is carried out by making ARC (Activity Relationship Chart) and ARD (Activity Relationship Diagram). Based on ARD, a template is made for the layout of testing laboratory facilities. This study applies Kaizen theory with the 5S concept to obtain a neater design, namely Seiri and Seiton in the refreshment laboratory and weighing room, Seiso on testing equipment in all testing laboratory rooms, Seiketsu and Shitsuke applied to all rooms in the testing laboratory.


Facilities layout; 5S; Conventional layout planning; Laboratory layout

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