Economic Impacts of Clinical and Sub Clinical Mastitis on Dairy Farms

Amjad Islam Aqib (Department of Medicine, Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bahawalpur, 63100)
Afshan Muneer (Department of Zoology, Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bahawalpur, 63100)
Muhammad Shafeeq (Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, University of Agriculture Faisalabad-38000)
Nimra Kirn (Department of Food Science, Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bahawalpur, 63100)

Article ID: 4119


Studies have reported on the economic impacts of clinical and subclinical mastitis on dairy farms. Bovine mastitis is a disorder that affects dairy farms and has a major economic impact. Most of the economic losses are the result of mastitis. Mastitis is an invasive infection that is among the most numerous and highly complicated infections in the dairy sector. Mastitis is one of the most expensive diseases in terms of production losses among animal diseases. Mastitis reduces milk production, changes milk composition, and shortens the productive life of infected cows. Farmers must concentrate on avoiding mastitis infection whilst putting in place and following a mastitis control programed. Bovine mastitis, the most significant disease of dairy herds, has huge effects on farm economics. Mastitis losses are due to reduced milk production, the cost of treatments, and culling. Major factors related to low milk yield could be low genetic potential as well as poor nutritional and managerial approaches. Most of the losses are related to somatic cell count (SCC), which is characterised by an increase in the percentage of milk. Culling costs are the costs of rearing or buying a replacement animal, mostly heifers. Overhead impacts include the replacement animals' lower milk supply effectiveness. The expense of replacing animals prematurely due to mastitis is one of the most significant areas of economic loss.


Clinical ,Subclinical ,Mastitis ,Dairy, Economic ,Loss ,Milk ,Culling ,Somatic cell count (SCC)

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